Автор Гілка: Lutsk City government looking for Linux-expert  (Прочитано 1092 раз)

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A Lutsk City government (one of it’s subdivisions) is considering a move to the Linux/open source software to eliminate the “Microsoft fees” and is urgently looking for a Linux expert, who would help/consult/manage the move.

An initial project would be to assist in migrating around 10 PCs to (Ukrainized) Linux (along with installing Ukrainian OpenOffice, configuring printers, etc).

Also, a Novell server (Emulation under Linux) should be configured to provide program/file services to additional 15 PC (386 running DOS).

An ideal candidate would be somebody who has good experience with the technologies mentioned above and is able to coordinate the migration.

Preferred geographical location is Western Ukraine (Lutsk, Volyn Region, 150 km from Lviv).

Any ideas, suggestions, proposals would be highly appreciated under roman_lutsk(at)hotmail.com

Thank you,
Roman Zhovtulya